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The Hand /

by Mary Ruefle

The teacher asks a question.

You know the answer, you suspect

you are the only one in the classroom

who knows the answer, because the person

in question is yourself, and on that

you are the greatest living authority,

but you don’t raise your hand.

You raise the top of your desk

and take out an apple.

You look out the window.

You don’t raise your hand and there is

some essential beauty in your fingers,

which aren’t even drumming, but lie

flat and peaceful.

The teacher repeats the question.

Outside the window, on an overhanging branch,

a robin is ruffling its feathers

and spring is in the air.


View the world as a collective

'The Hand' is a potent symbol encapsulating the dual power of individual aspirations and collective unity. It's a unique marker that serves two masters: On one side, it amplifies your personal dreams and ambitions; on the other, it binds you to a like-minded collective. This duality sets it apart from conventional symbols like flags or religious icons, which often prioritize community over the individual. When you see someone wearing this symbol—perhaps on a T-shirt—you're immediately connected through a secret virtual handshake, united in your individual quests yet bound by the shared aspiration for a better world.


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