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“The Hand” is an icon that symbolises the power of human individualism & togetherness.  On the one hand, we use symbols to unite us, but also we use them as individuals to empower ourselves.  This amazing energy can be harnessed for good, By acknowledging your wants, needs, dreams & aspirations, you can empower yourself as well as other people like you.  The next time you see someone in the street wearing this t-shirt, know that you are both part of a secret bond of multi-head enabling collective of people that are dreaming of a better world - like a secret virtual handshake.

The Hand /

by Mary Ruefle

The teacher asks a question.

You know the answer, you suspect

you are the only one in the classroom

who knows the answer, because the person

in question is yourself, and on that

you are the greatest living authority,

but you don’t raise your hand.

You raise the top of your desk

and take out an apple.

You look out the window.

You don’t raise your hand and there is

some essential beauty in your fingers,

which aren’t even drumming, but lie

flat and peaceful.

The teacher repeats the question.

Outside the window, on an overhanging branch,

a robin is ruffling its feathers

and spring is in the air.