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PlayThisWall is an ongoing digital art project of playable wall musical interfaces.  Double sided collaborative instruments that has been showing and ironically traveling all over the world.


opening performance for "Horizon 2020"

conference in the EU commission building in Brussels.


Berlin popup lab tech & art showcase in London

LA + Berlin

Berlin & LA official twin cities agreement

50th anniversary gala..

see the wall in action

European commission


opening performance for the H2020 conference in the EU commission building in Brussels.

State of the art exb.


students playing the wall at the "state of the art" exhibition in IDC university.

Music makers summit

Ableton Loop

playing the wall at Ableton's music makers summit in Berlin alongside amazing musicians / artists and technologists presenting in the conference.

watch this clip from


break-dance group "flying steps" playing the wall at the 50th anniversary gala for the Berlin-LA cultural twin cities agreement.

behind this wall...

this project a collaboration with tech art entrepreneur Matthias Strobel (Music Tech Germany) and with the help of many talented and skillful people along the way.  also supported by many innovation hubs such as visit Berlin (Berlin) / Toilab (Tel Aviv) / Music Tech Fest (EU) and many more. 

contributers so far...

Matthias Strobel - dot connector & business developer

Sound engine programming contributors: 

Eyal Weisz / Itay Matos / Matt Davey / Zeev Yelnik

Shane Artsy - 1st gen graffiti 

Christian Hermann - 2nd gen structure & graffiti

Or Gedalia - 3rd gen industrial designer

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