Ableton's music makers summit: LOOP is a multidisciplinary think tank conference & festival for musicians & producers that bring the most innovative musicians & music technology talents for a 2-day event with talks, performances, panels & installations.  Play.This.Wall had the privilege to welcome all the thinkers with a uniting message.


"the sounds of Jerusalem" festival / Jerusalem 2016 

a textile sound installation 

Music Tech Fest / Stockholm 


Sussies Art Bay /> 
Tel Aviv 

#Looperoom is - just like the name suggests... is a room turned into a self sustaining Looper, but even more than that it holds some interesting use of technology and design.  the icons on the wall are actually flat buttons that are made out of conductive ink, connected to a computer controlling everything from recording to effects.

this unique, one-off performance at the IRCAM institute in Paris during the festival of musical ideas - Music Tech Fest - is an improvised electronic jam of the sounds of a newly discovered comet called rosette, captured and released by NASA that year, mashed with sounds created by people in the audience into soundscapes and beats that reminds us how everything in the universe is connected somehow...

The original Golden Record was a time capsule that was launched to space with the "Voyager" spacecraft.  it included: Music Scores, Speech greeting in many languages, Math equations & Science revelations and much more... it captured some of the most incredible achievements of humankind for that time...

the 2015 Golden record is a totally different story though... Violent speeches, sounds of eutopic happiness in the form of an ice-cream truck and one song - war what is it good for - absolutely nothing!